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Professor / Director
Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan

Prof./Dr. J.-P. Lellouche (Full Professor in Synthetic Organic Chemistry/Nanotechnology) leads a laboratory dedicated to Nano(bio)technology and Polymer Science. His current R&D activities include R&D developments in the Materials Science field interfacing with nano(bio)technology, i.e., conducting functional polymers, (b) chemically modified hard nanoscale fillers, (c) UV-photoreactive nano(micro)particles (surface nano(micro)structuration of polymeric coatings, hybrid metallic catalytic particles), (d) antibacterial organic/inorganic NPs and coatings, and (e) innovative surface modifications of iron oxide (magnetite/maghemite) NPs towards gene silencing (siRNA/microRNA in vitro/in vivo delivery) and anti-parasitic bio-activity. Moreover and quite recently, he deeply focused on and elaborated various innovative organic chemistry-based methodologies for the development of effective covalent versatile interfacial chemistries towards chemically taylored non-toxic mechanically hard functional inorganic (i) tungsten disulfive nanotubes and (ii) tribology-effective fullerene-like tungsten disulfide nanoparticles.

Research Interest

Computer Sciences

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