Nanomaterials Manufacturing Techniques

Nanoscale manufacturing is also known as nanofabrication. Nanomanufacturing involves a larger scale, reliable and cost-efficient manufacture of nano scale materials, structures and devices.Nanomaterials are of interest because of its scale in the unique optical, electrical properties, magnetic properties, and other properties. These properties have the probable for great impacts in fields like electronics , medical and also in other fields. Nanomaterials manufacturing also implicate on research, development and integration of various approaches and where as complex processes from the self-assembly.Most of the nano products on an industrial scale are nanoparticles and also they can be arise as byproducts in the other materials in the process of manufacturing.Now a days they are contained in many others products and also used in the various technologies.

  • Roll - Roll processing
  • Chemical vapour Deposition
  • Molecular beam epitaxy
  • Atomic layer epitaxy

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