Nanomaterials are the conventional materials with a grain size where at least one dimension is less than the 100 nanometers that are of 3 to 5 atoms along with some special properties of nano way. Research in nanomaterials is a branch that adopts a science and technology-based approach to materials over nanotechnology. Minor variation in the dimensions of these nanomaterial structures will create new properties with same materials. A well-known material Gold with less than 1nm is of orange color while moving to 3nm - 30nm of gold particles are of crimson colored also Large gold particle cannot oxidize carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide whereas small particle of gold can oxidize carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. The large Surface area is one the most important characteristic of nanomaterial results in the high reactivity and resistance of the material.

  • Nano Tubes
  • Functional Nanomaterials
  • Nano Composites
  • Polymeric Nanomaterials
  • Organic And Inorganic Nano materials

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