Nano Satellites

The term Nano satellites refer to artificial satellites that have a critical mass of 1 to 10 kg, which results in a significant reduction in the cost of the satellite. The proposed designs of these types may be launched separately or may have been grouped or information, in which sometimes it can be applied as "Swarm of Satellites" or "fractional spacecraft". With the advent of advanced technologies in miniaturization and capital increase to support the invective of private space flights in the decade of 2010, several newly created companies have been formed to look for opportunities with the development of a variety of vehicle launch technologies. These nanosatellites are stabilized by rotation and are also less expensive to launch Nano components than monolithic systems. These consume less energy to pack electronic components also to store memory with less thermal dissipation.

  • Nano Satellite development
  • Implementation and applications of nano satellite
  • Nano satellite lunch vehicle
  • Elevation of nano satellite

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