Nano Photonics

Nanophotonics or Nano-optics is the study of light and its behavior in a nanometric scale. He deals mainly with optics, optical engineering, electrical engineering, and nanotechnology. The nanophotonics is mainly focused on manufacturing and application of nanostructures that promote the generation, propagation, manipulation, and detection of Optical energy from the IR to the UV regions. The term Nano-optics, like the term optics, generally refers to situations involving UV, visible and near IR light. Normal optical components, such as lenses and microscopes, basically cannot focus optical scales to nanometres due to the diffraction limit. It is feasible to squeeze light on a nanometric scale using other techniques such as, for example, surface plasmons, surface plasmons located over the metal objects at the nanoscales. The scope of nanophotonics extends to theory, modeling, and simulation, experimentation, instrumentation and application.

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