Nano Mechanics

Nanomechanics is a portion of the nanosciences which handles the mechanical properties of the materials such as Elasticity, Thermal, and Kinetics which are of a physical system at a nanoscale level. Nanomechanics brings science and applications together on the nanoscale and nanostructured materials, prominence the mechanics,  characterization, design, modeling, and applications of materials containing actual nanosize dimensions or nanostructures that describes enhanced properties on tailored nanostructures. Nanomechanics came into existence on the intersection of solid-state physics, statistical mechanics, materials science, and quantum chemistry. Nano mechanic resonators have the high-frequency modulation of current in which results are in less noise.

  • Nano Tribology
  • Nanoelectro Mechanical System
  • Nano Fluidics
  • Nanoparticles

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