Nano Magnetic Materials

New technologies have stimulated the development of new materials, where the properties can be controlled and even be substantially better than previously projected In this sense, one of the main classes of materials is magnetic materials with strategic interest. Nanomagnetic materials is a worthwhile source for an understanding of the market and the technological impact on the magnetic materials.And the nanomagnetic devices will be based on the nanotechnology and for the arrangement in the companies or institution. It deals with the magnetic phenomena which presents in structures.The industrial application for the nanomagnetic particles such as magnetic recording device for the data storage and information, magnetic stamps on the engines, magnetic inks for bank checks and others.By using these nanomagnetic materials several applications have been recommended.

  • Acquisitions in the nanotechnology space
  • Competing Technologies
  • Conventional magnetic materials
  • Nanomagnetic commercialization efforts

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