Nano Composites

The nanocomposite is a strong multi-phase material in which one of the stages has one, some measurements of less than 100 nm, or structures that have a nanoscale refresh that eliminates between the various stages that make up the material. Nano compounds are found in nature, for example, in the structure of abalone shell and bone. He explored the starting point of shading depth and impermeability to acids and consumption of Mayan blue paint, attributing it to a nanoparticle instrument. Since the mid-1950s, Nano-scale organic substances have been used to control the flow of polymer arrangements (for example, as paint viscosities) or the constitution of gels (for example, as a thickening substance in cosmetics, maintaining provisions in a homogeneous framework). In the 1970s, polymer/dirt compounds were the subject of course books, even though the term "Nanocomposites" was not used in a similar way.

  • Metal-matrix nanocomposites
  • Polymer-matrix nanocomposites
  • Magnetic nanocomposites

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