Nano Applications

The 2000s saw the early uses of nanotechnology in commercial elements, although most applications are restricted to the mass use of inactive nanomaterials. The benefits of nanotechnology depend on the fact that structures can be modified at the Nano scale to obtain specific properties, which greatly expands the set of material science tools. Using nanotechnology, the materials can be manufactured in a viable way, lighter, more resistant, more receptive, more like those of the sieves, or better electric transporters, among many different characteristics. Numerous regular commercial items are available at this time and are used day by day depending on the materials and procedures of the Nanoscale. Nanotechnology has added significantly to real advances in the registry and devices, which has generated fast, small and convenient frameworks that can monitor and store greater data measurements.

  • Nano Mechanics
  • Carbon Nanotubes emitters
  • Biological applications of nanoparticles
  • Energy applications of nanomaterials
  • Photonics Crystals

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