Appliance of Nanomaterials

Although nanotechnology is a comparably new science, it already has numerous applications in everyday life. Among all the applications of nanomaterials, Nanotubes is the most popular one. Nanotechnology in medicine currently in development involves the use of nanoparticles to deliver drugs, heat, light or other substances to specific types of cells, such as cancer cells. The particles are designed so that they are attracted to the diseased cells, which allows the direct treatment of those cells. This technique reduces damage to healthy cells in the body and allows earlier detection of the disease.Primarily, nanotechnology applications can be divided into various categories. Designed surfaces and thin films are adapted to the nanomaterials applications of one-dimensional. They have been used for different streams such as electronics and chemistry, so they cannot be considered as a new material.

  • Nano Mechanics
  • Carbon Nanotubes emitters
  • Biological applications of nanoparticles
  • Energy applications of nanomaterials
  • Photonics Crystals

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