Advanced Materials Science

The interdisciplinary field of materials science also called science and construction of materials, includes the revelation and the plan of new materials, with an emphasis on solids. The industry of propelled materials includes an extraction of materials in the form of a complete cycle, primary creation, improvement of forms and characterization of materials for the manufacture of articles, tests that are exhausted in composite materials and biomaterials. The improvement of avant-garde material is related to the era of new learning and authoritative innovation, a combination of the relationship with avant-garde materials. The Advanced Materials Directorate has created a benchmark in the monetary year in the South Africa area. The review included the understanding of capabilities, openings, global patterns, gaps, and business difficulties, with an accentuation in titanium, nanomaterials, powered compounds and nanotechnology and modern applications in aviation, self-propelled processes, development and dispositive. Restorative grouped and sustainable energy source (PV). There are many organizations that consult on advanced materials, in which Morgan Advanced Materials is one of them.


  • Nano Fabrication and Metrology
  • Nano Heat Transfer and Energy Information Technology
  • Nano Sensors, Actuators and Systems Nanobionics
  • Nanofluidics and Bio Chips

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